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Why Pivot?

Benefits of an AMC

Success for an Association Management Company (AMC) is completely contingent upon the successes they achieve for the associations they manage. That’s why you’ll find that the AMC professionals at Pivot are passionate about what they do on your behalf. At every level, we are committed to your vision, your mission, your membership. Pivot also concentrates on optimizing efficiencies, streamlining expenditures and keeping its client organizations on track toward long-term growth and achievement. 

The fact is that AMCs like Pivot can be a smart choice for associations, because of the wide array of benefits and advantages they offer. Pivot delivers:

Operational & Staffing Benefits

  • Staffing and services are customized to meet each individual client organization’s needs.

  • A broad spectrum of expertise covering all the disciplines required to run an effective association.

  • Day-to-day and ongoing staff management, alleviating administrative headaches often faced by association Boards of Directors.

  • Improved staffing and resource allocation, giving each client association access to specialized resources – just what you need when you need it.

  • Proven best management practices and best-of-class resources and technologies. 

Financial/Business Benefits

  • Efficiencies derived from leveraging shared resources, including office space, equipment and technologies.

  • Opportunities for improved buying power since purchases can be leveraged across multiple clients.

  • Reduced business risks because Pivot takes on many of the insurance liabilities associated with operating an association.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Greater member satisfaction resulting from the professionalism and responsiveness of Pivot staff who understand the importance of placing members first.

  • Freedom from daily operations that allows Boards to maintain their focus on mission and strategy.

  • Integration of innovative strategies and ideas, stemming from the input and experience Pivot has gained from working with multiple industry and professional organizations.

  • Scalability to accommodate organizational growth or contraction over time.


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Wall Street Financial Group, Inc.

"Pivot is a great place to go for Association management as Sandra and Sara have decades of experience in their field. They are highly motivated, educated and highly responsive to the needs of NAIFA Illinois members. They are also skilled at meeting planning and execution on site as well as virtually. As a past NAIFA Illinois President I’ve worked closely with their firm and I highly recommend their services."

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Freeman, Mathis, & Gary, LLP

"I have worked with Sandra and Sara at two different professional organizations on which I am on the board of directors and one of which I am the current president. They are true professionals. From scheduling and managing in person events to making sure there is adherence to the bylaws to budgeting, marketing, website management, and so much more, they focus on the details so that the leaders of the organization can stay focused on the big picture for the organization."



Chief Operating Officer
Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth LLC

"There are not enough superlatives to describe Sandra Wulf. She is intelligent, compassionate, passionate, forward thinking, personable, loyal, funny, professional—the list goes on and on. She is everything you would want an Executive Director or professional manager to be and then some. I had the opportunity to work closely with Sandra for several years as an officer of the Illinois Defense Counsel. She ALWAYS made me (and the other officers) look way better than we would have on our own! She anticipates problems and issues and offers creative solutions. She pays careful attention to the important details (membership, revenue, retention, engagement) and was constantly coming up with new ideas and programs to try to increase each one. Not once, in five years in a leadership position, did I ever worry that the IDC was not headed in the right direction—and that is because I knew Sandra was our ED. If you need someone to care about your organization and provide it with the executive leadership it needs, look no further than Sandra. If you hire her, it will be the best decision you ever made."

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